Stupidity Abounds!

I’ve noticed that it has become, in many cases, an outrageous experience to try to discuss politics with someone who has a different world view than myself.

From conservatives to liberals, everyone has these concrete ideas about what the world is and how it should be. Unfortunately, no one ever seems to be willing to accept new information as it becomes available unless it fits their world view.

Social media was once a place that ideas and theories could be discussed but has quickly devolved into a crowd of screaming, uninformed, uneducated losers who don’t even know what the policies of the candidate they are supporting consist of. Liberal pundits go to conservative rallies and record interviews of some of the dumbest individuals on the planet. The funny thing is that the conservatives do the SAME THING to the liberals with the same result. I’m sure that they both do their fair share of staging and scripting as well.

The point is, we are no doubt a land of diverse people with many different points of view. With a population of 318.9M people, it would still be impossible to find two individuals with identical world views. We’re different. That’s all. I do believe that stupid people exist, but I don’t believe that they can be identified by simply concluding that their belief system or perspective is different from my own.

I do, however, believe I’ve found a way to identify the stupid among us.

I’ve not yet perfected the formula, but I think I’m on the right track. You see, I have long-term, strong relationships with people that I trust and care for like family that were begun because we DISAGREED about something and enjoyed talking about our differing ideas.

“As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

Discussion and debate is an art. Bickering is just silliness. To be honest, I’ve been known to do both. One is for sharpening the countenance of myself and my friends, the other is just for the guilty pleasure of watching people squirm, avoid questions and talk themselves into a corner. The reason I started Podcasting and blogging is because I’ve had so many of these conversations with so many different people, I felt it a shame to leave them all in the long lost archives of social media never to be viewed by anyone.

Now, with the ability to broadcast and discuss openly with people who are capable of conversation, I look forward to building a diverse, informative and enjoyable collection of these conversations along with some occasional bickering.

Getting back to identifying the stupid people among us…

Right now, the formula is simple and I’m sure more variables are necessary for increased accuracy.

Here’s the test:

Take two people who disagree.

Put them in a conversation where they can be free to discuss with their own style and expression.

The first person to attack the other person’s character is the idiot.


One test is an example of sparring among peers to develop a better and more accepting worldview can be seen here in an exchange with one of my Facebook friends. I do end it by calling him a “liberal hack” but it should definitely be taken in context.

The other is an example of simple-minded bickering (careful, language gets a bit “unsophisticated”).

Test 1

Test 2

See the difference?

One is a thinking person with a different world view than my own, the other is a person who sees it as a good idea to show up to a battle of wits completely unarmed.

What do you think?

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