Podcast #18 – I Stole Someone’s Dog Today

Derreck explains how he stole a dog from some perfectly nice people. Why would he do that? Simple… He’s a...

Podcast #17 – The Weirdest Thanksgiving In American History

Derreck documents the confusion and utter strangeness looming over Americans this Thanksgiving.

Podcast #15 – Whiny Leftists Want To Abolish The EC. Bye, Bye Celebrities!

The new drama is that the liberals won the popular vote and lost the election due to Trump’s overwhelming wins...

Podcast #14 – The Hypocrisy Of The Progressive Left Digging Deeper

Derreck discusses the concept of the progressive movement and the “progressive” encroachment of the government over our personal liberties. Why...

The One Percent

Derreck does a choppy, edited road-rant about the “one percent” and where the rest of us stand from both a...

Stupidity Abounds!

Discussion and debate is an art. Bickering is just silliness. To be honest, I've been known to do both. One is for sharpening the countenance of myself and my friends, the other is just for the guilty pleasure of watching people squirm, avoid questions and talk themselves into a corner.

Podcast #11 – Hurricane Matthew And The Trump Audio Recordings

Derreck reports on his near-miss with Category 4 Hurricane Matthew and aftermath that could have been much worse. Want to...

Trolling for Dummies

Anyhow, people will believe what they WANT to believe. No matter what the facts (or a total lack thereof) say. One of the people who posted the story challenged me to prove that the story was false. Read that again. He felt that the burden of proof was on me to prove that it was false. That's how people think now. They're willing to post a story, spread a lie that they are completely uninformed about and then defend their story TO THE DEATH, writing off anyone who disagrees with them as crazy, stupid or xenophobic. Unless of course you're somehow able to prove a that something happened or didn't happen. Yo! I didn't post the bogus story! You did!

Podcast #6 – New Recording Set Up, Flat Earth & Driving Over Protestors

Derreck plays with his new toy, then tells of his journey down the Flat Earth Rabbit Hole. “Is this for...

Podcast #3 – Miracle Mattress Sept. 11th Sale And Tyree King

Derreck gives his take on joking about 9/11 and the recent police shooting of 13-year-old Tyree King.